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Router Table Stand - 36”
Part Number: RTSTAND36
Router Table Stand - 43”
Part Number: RTSTAND43
INCRA Router Table Stand - for UP to 36 " Wide Table
Part Number: RTSTAND36
Need a little support for your new router table top? INCRA’s Router Table Stands provide a rock solid base to build on. Constructed of hard anodized aluminum and "armor plated" powder coat heavy gauge steel for years of durable performance in your workshop.

T-Slotted Aluminum legs permit easy assembly and allow for positioning of the optional shelf supports at any height. Great for creating a shelf at a comfortable level. Non-skid leg levelers for vertical height adjustability from 34-1/2" to 36-1/2". Need a cabinet for your router station? No problem with Incra's innovative leg design. Just slide 1/2" panels into the channel on each leg to easily enclose the stand. Create the ultimate dust collection enclosure in minutes.

INCRA's Router Table Stand is available in 2 sizes. The RTSTAND 36 is perfect for
any standard router table top including INCRA's 24 x 32 Center Mount Table and 24 x 36 Offset Table. The larger RTSTAND 43 is the best choice for big table sizes like INCRA's 27 x 43 Offset Table.

The optional wheel kit is a great small shop solution allowing for easy movement of the stand from one location to another.
INCRA Router Table Stand - for UP to 43" Wide Table
Part Number: RTSTAND43
The larger RTSTAND 43 is the best choice for big table sizes like INCRA's 27 x 43 Offset Table. Overall dimensions at table mounting flanges: 38-1/4" W x 20-1/8" D x 34-5/8" H (min.)

T-Slot leg design for easy
Channeled legs accept 1/2"
panels to easily enclose
the stand.
Non-skid leg levelers with 2"
of height adjustability.
Shelf Supports
Set of 2 supports and

Wheel Kit
The INCRA Router Stand
Wheel Kits can make your
INCRA Router Stand mobile in a small shop.
Ring Set
3/8”, 5/8”, 7/8”, 1 3/8”,
1-5/8”, 1-7/8”, 2-5/8”, 3-3/8”)
Table Top
These tops are designed to support even the heaviest of production routers and lifts, and will work with any standard 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" mounting plate.
Click to download
  INCRA's Router Table
in Windows Media Video format.

Click to download
  Router Tables Stand in PDF format.