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  Miter V27
Miter V120
Miter V120 Shopsmith
Miter Express
Miter 1000
Miter 1000HD
Miter 1000SE with Telescoping Fence
Miter 3000
Miter 3000SE with Telescoping Fence
Miter 5000 with Sled & Telescoping Fence
  Miter Express
IncraLock Cut off Fence
Incra Flip Fence

Incremental ShopStop
Incremental Flip-ShopStop

Replacement Right Sled Panel for 5000
  LS Positioner
LS Standard System
LS Super System

Wonder Fence

Router Table Combo

Original INCRA Jig

INCRA Fence System
  27”x43” Offset Router Table Top
24”x36” Offset Router Table Top
24”x32” Center Mount Router Table Top
28" x 21" Table Saw Router Table for Left Side
28" x 32" Table Saw Router Table for Right Side
32" x 21" Table Saw Router Table for Left Side
32" x 32" Table Saw Router Table for Right Side
Solid Aluminum MagnaLOCK Plate

INCRA CleanSweep Dust Collection

MagnaLOCK Ring Inserts (1”, 2 18/”, 3 5/8”)

INCRA Mast-R-Lift II
INCRA PushGuard NEW!
INCRA Router Bit Sets
43” Router Table Stand

36” Router Table Stand
INCRA Shelf Supports
INCRA Wheel Kit
  TS-LS Table Saw Fence
TS-LS Table Saw Joinery System

Table Saw Combo

  5" Guaranteed Square
7" Guaranteed Square

5" Guaranteed 45°

7" Guaranteed 45°

Incra Gauge

  Build-It Starter Kit
Build-It Panel-Large

Build-It Panel-Small

Build-It T-Slot Panel Connector

Build-It Miter Slider SE

Build-It Miter Slider

Build-It Brackets

Build-It Clamp
Build-It Knobs


T-Track Single Track

T-Track Plus w/Scale

Miter Channels
Right Angle Fixture
  Marking Rules
Bend Rules


Rule Sets (All 3)

Custom Rules

6" X-Y Marker

6" Marking Protractor
12" Centering Rule

3" Tiny T-Rule

3" x 2" Pocket Rule

10" Decimal/mm Marking Rule

  Pro T-Rules
Pro Rule Sets

  Master Reference Guide w/51 Templates
Incra Projects & Techniques


LS Positioner DVD

  Build-It Knobs
Build-It Clamp

Build-It Brackets

Incra ShopStop
Incra Flip-Shop Stop