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INCRA LS Positioner Instructional DVD
Part Number: VLS1
Step-By-Step Instructional DVD - 82 Minutes.
Learn the ins and outs of the amazing INCRA LS Positioner, including the INCRA Wonder Fence with its advanced
split-fence and variable gap width applications. Every step included from setup to final adjustments to actual cutting. PLUS learn the easy way to cut all of your favorite joint types.

Every Step Included for Maximum Results.
Easy to follow Video Sequences with
tips and techniques to get the most out
of any INCRA Precision Fence System model.

This video is included FREE with all LS Positioners, and also sold separately.

  INCRA LS Positioner Instructional DVD Featuring:
  Assembly and Operation
  Setups for grooving, rabbeting, edge forming and edge jointing
  Box Joints
  Through Dovetails
  Double Dovetails
  Cornerpost Dovetails
  Learn to create hundreds of custom joint patterns
  82 minutes of step-by-step instruction
  Plus FREE Bonus INCRA Products Demo DVD

Learn how to make
beautiful furniture.
Learn proper setup.
How to prep stock.
How to set steps.
How to setup Wonder Fence.
How to do jointing.
How to do assemble joints.
And how to create an
Click to download
  LS Positioner Introduction Video in Windows Media
Video format.

Click to see
  all of INCRA's current video demos in Windows Media Video format.