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INCRA Flip Fence Shop Stop
INCRA Shop Stop
Part Number: SHOPSTOP
INCRA Flip Shop Stop
Flip Fence Owners Can Now Use the Best Stop Available.
Designed for the IncraLOCK Flip Fence or the extending IncraLOCK Flip Fence SE, this stop gives you the most options and best performance of any stop on the market. With multiple stop rods included and Dual-Arm construction, there is no situation it can't handle.

We even designed interlocking grooves in the arms and fence so that a sharply mitered workpiece can't slip behind the stop to give you an inaccurate cut. If you need a sacrificial fence for a particular job, just attach it to the Flip Fence like you normally would, and then adjust the body of the Flip Fence to match. It expands perfectly to work with all normal depth sacrificial fences. Stiff and strong, this tool is made from hardened aluminum and red anodized for long lasting finish. The arms have adjustable tension the expandable body is combined with the patented Incra rack precision postioning system.
Positive Stop for Mitered Boards
Interlocking grooves in the fence and stop
ensure even the sharp edge of mitered work will
not push behind the stop. Accuracy is guaranteed.
Accessory Parts Included
These accessory parts are also included with the
INCRA Flip Shop Stop. They include cap screws and
T-clips for attaching your own accessory or sacrificial
fence to your Flip Fence. You can see the two shorter
stop rods which allow the Dual Arms of the Flip Shop
Stop to work independently for two different stops
without moving along the fence.
The Flip Shop Stop works great with all INCRA Flip Fences. It is NOT compatible with standard IncraLOCK Cut-off Miter Gauge Fences, INCRA Track Systems, or INCRA Router Fences.
INCRA Shop Stop
Part Number: SHOPSTOP
Now available for imperial or metric INCRA Systems!
The INCRA ShopStop is our most versatile stop. The vertical stop bar is adjustable up and down, it can be reversed, and it has a screw-based micro adjust. The Shop Stop is also expandable - the top section can be slid into a second channel on the base section to make the interior wide enough to span an INCRA fence and a wooden sub fence of up to 3/4".

INCRA's patented positioning mechanics make it deadly accurate and completely
The Shop Stop works with all INCRA Router Fences that are equipped with 1/32" or 1mm incremental racks, INCRA Track Systems, and standard, "non-Flip" IncraLOCK Cut-off Miter Gauge Fences. It is NOT compatible with Flip Fences for INCRA Miter Gauges.
  Shop Stop Features:
  Expands to Accommodate Any Fence Thickness Up to 1-1/2"
  Vertically Adjustable to Accommodate Any Fence Height Up to 3-1/2"
  Micro Adjustable for 1/1000" Precision
  Instantly Set (or reset) to Any Position with Machine Shop Accuracy and ZERO Repeatability Error

Incra FlipShopStop shown
with both arms down and one of the included steel rods.
FlipShopStop one arm up, one down. Shown with included short steel rods.
FlipShopStop both arms up.
INCRA Shop Stop - Expanded Mode
Incra ShopStop show here in
EXPANDED mode with a
sacrificial fence. This change only takes seconds. Simply loosen the two adjustment
knobs on top and slide the
T-Nut connectors out of the rear slot and into the front slot. Tighten snugly and you are ready for expanded usage with a 3/4" sacrificial fence made from any
appropriate material.
INCRA Shop Stop
Attaches directly to the INCRA Track or any INCRA Router Fence that's equipped with 1/32" incremental positioning racks. The heart of the system is the highly versatile INCRA Shop Stop. Patented Automatic Positioning Control and micro adjustability mean instant, repeatable accuracy without measuring or trial and error setups.

Click to download
  INCRA Flip Shop Stop Manual in PDF format.

Click to download
  Shop Stop Manual in PDF format.
requires Acrobat Reader