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INCRA Project & Techniques Book
Part Number: IJPT
INCRA Master Reference Guide with Templates
Part Number: MTL2
The INCRA Projects and Techniques Book 
Part Number: IJPT

The definitive work on using INCRA Tools.
This 148 page book contains detailed plans with over 400 illustrations and photos to build 14 of Perry McDaniel's intriguing original projects. Also included are 11 Techniques sections that will turn any woodworker into a real INCRA pro, plus complete instructions for making four exclusive
new INCRA joints.

Now available in a downloadable PDF format.

Sorry, the Project Book is not directly compatible with metric INCRA Fence Systems.

As an added bonus, FREE templates for making the spectacular INCRA Double-Double Through Dovetail and INCRA Corner-post Eagletail are included.

Includes clearly written instructions by
Perry McDaniel.

INCRA Cornerpost Dovetail (right) & Cornerpost Double Dovetail (left)
  Business Card Case
Carry or display your cards in this streamlined case highlighted by an integral wooden hinge.
Cutting Board
  Contrasting strips of wood arranged in a simple geometric progression create a tantalizing visual effect.
  Included in the LS Positioner Super System Package:
Business Card Cases
Playing Card Box

Jewelry Box
Slide Whistle

Wooden Dominoes
Decorative Domino Box
Trinket Box
Router Table Top
Sliding Dovetail Bookstand

Decorative Playing Card Box
Train Whistle

Domino Box
Cutting Board
The INCRA Master Reference Guide with Templates 
Part Number: MTL2
Now available for imperial or metric INCRA Systems!

Written by INCRA expert Perry McDaniel, this complete guide contains clear, step-by-step instructions for making Box Joints, Half Blind and Through Dovetails, and INCRA's trademark Double and Double-Double Joints. Over 200 detailed illustrations and photos, plus numerous handy tips help guarantee success. The included Template Library contains 51 multi-colored templates for making every equally and variably spaced joint imaginable. Also included is a complete set of "Fixed INCRAment" templates for setting your jig to any series of equally spaced cuts.

This book is included standard with the INCRA TS-LS Joinery Systems, INCRA LS Super Systems, INCRA Jig Ultra Packages. The complete A to Z guide to using ALL INCRA Positioners, including the LS Positioner units as well as the classic
INCRA units such as the Jig Ultra, Ultra Lite.

This INCRA Master Reference Guide & Template Library includes step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and 51 multi-colored joint-making templates.

LS Positioner Instructional DVD
Step-By-Step Instructional DVD - 1 hr, 22 min. Learn the ins and outs of the amazing INCRA LS Positioner, including the INCRA Wonder Fence with its advanced split-fence and variable gap width applications.