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Miter Gauges:   Router Table Fences:
Miter V27   LS Positioner Only
Miter V120   LS Standard System
Miter V120 Shopsmith Edition   LS Super System
Miter 1000   Wonder Fence - Standalone
Miter 1000HD   Wonder Fence Joinery Package
Miter 1000SE with Telescoping Fence   Ultra Lite 12.5"
Miter 2000   Ultra 16" & 24"
Miter 2000 Shopsmith Edition
  Router Table Combo
Miter 3000   Original INCRA Jig
Miter 3000SE with Telescoping Fence   INCRA Jig Fence System
Miter 5000 with Sled & Telescoping Fence   INCRA IBox
Miter 5000 Shopsmith Edition    
Miter Gauge Combo Pack    
Miter Gauge Accessories:   Router Tables & Accessories:
Miter Express    CleanSweep Downdraft Dust Collection Cabinet
Miter Express Shopsmith Edition   27”x43” Offset Router Table Top
    24”x36” Offset Router Table Top
Incremental Stop   24”x32” Center Mount Router Table Top
Incremental Shop Stop   28" x 21" Table Saw Router Table for Left Side
Incremental Flip-Shop Stop   28" x 32" Table Saw Router Table for Right Side
Incra Telescoping Flip Fence   32" x 21" Table Saw Router Table for Left Side
Replacement Right Sled Panel for 5000   32" x 32" Table Saw Router Table for Right Side
Replacement Left Sled Panel for Express   43” Router Table Stand
IncraLock Cut-off Fence
  36” Router Table Stand
IncraLock Incremental Flip Shop Stop
      Cut-off Fence
  MagnaLOCK Ring Inserts (Ring Set, Individual
      Ring or Porter-Cable Guide Bushing Ring)
    INCRA Side Winder HD/350 Router Lift
    INCRA PushGuard
    INCRA PRL-V2 Lift
    INCRA Mast-R-Lift II

  INCRA Mast-R-Lift
    Solid Aluminum MagnaLOCK Plate
    INCRA Shelf Supports
    INCRA Router Stand Wheel Kits
INCRA Measuring Marking & Layout:   Table Saw Fences:
5" Guaranteed Square   TS-LS Table Saw Fence
7" Guaranteed Square   TS-LS Table Saw Joinery System
5" Guaranteed 45°   Table Saw Combo
7" Guaranteed 45°   Wonder Fence Upgrade
.5mm Marking Pencil   TS Rail Support legs
Incra Gauge   Large-Saw Conversion
    TS Base Mount Packages
    TS Router Table Support Hardware
Jig & Fixture Components:    
Build-It Panel-Large   INCRA Rules:
Build-It Panel-Small   Marking Rules
Build-It T-Slot Panel Connector   Bend Rules
INCRA Miter Slider SE   T-Rules
INCRA Miter Slider   Rule Sets ( All 3 )
Build-It Brackets   Custom Rules
Build-It Clamp   6" X-Y Marker
Build-It Knobs   6" Marking Protractor
Tracks   12" Centering Rule
Track System (Track & Shop Stop)   3" Tiny T-Rule
T-Track Regular (Single Track)   3" x 2" Pocket Rule
T-Track Plus (w/Scale)   10" Decimal/mm Marking Rule
Miter Channel    
Right Angle Fixture    
Books & Plans:   INCRA Combination Rules:
Master Reference Guide w/51 Templates   Pro T-Rules
Incra Projects & Techniques   Pro Rule Sets
LS Positioner DVD    
Other Product:    
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